Michael Bublé’s Charming Duet with Fan Katy Saunders on “Somethin’ Stupid”

Michael Bublé and fan Katy Saunders delivered an adorable performance of Frank Sinatra’s “Somethin’ Stupid” at the Leeds Arena, charming the audience with their chemistry and the sweet, romantic lyrics. The performance had a feel-good vibe that resonated with the crowd.

The segment began with Bublé engaging the audience and inviting volunteers to sing with him. Saunders stepped up, choosing the 1967 hit by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, a choice that delighted Bublé, a known Sinatra enthusiast. The duo’s duet, which has garnered 2.8 million views on YouTube, showcased their compatibility and Saunders’ ease despite initial nerves.

Bublé reassured Saunders before they started, encouraging her to enjoy the moment. He then led the jazz classic with his smooth voice, further solidifying his comparisons to Sinatra. The pair sang closely, sharing smiles and a tender moment as Saunders initially placed her arm around Bublé, who later reciprocated the gesture. Their performance was warmly received, with the audience appreciating the romantic atmosphere created by their harmonious collaboration.

Watch the video below to experience the delightful duet between Michael Bublé and Katy Saunders on “Somethin’ Stupid.”