Bjarne’s Stunning Audition on The Voice Kids Germany

10-year-old Bjarne delivered an unforgettable audition on The Voice Kids Germany, performing Lewis Capaldi’s hit “Someone You Loved.” Holding a toy rabbit, Bjarne took the stage, but as soon as he began singing, it was clear his voice was extraordinary, belying his young age.

His performance started with a rich low register, smoothly transitioning to a crystal-clear high range. The moment he approached the chorus, one judge immediately hit the buzzer, signaling approval, much to the joy of Bjarne’s family watching from the sidelines. The other judges quickly followed, all turning their chairs before the chorus ended, captivated by his talent.

But Bjarne wasn’t done impressing. As he approached the bridge with a powerful note, his emotional delivery left judge Lena Meyer-Landrut visibly stunned. She later described his voice as producing “sounds like from heaven.”

The young talent’s performance was so moving that it brought tears to his eyes, along with those of his proud mother. Following his performance, the judges rushed onto the stage, offering high fives and hugs, celebrating Bjarne’s successful audition.

Watch the video below to experience Bjarne’s powerful audition that left everyone in awe.