Pink’s Heartfelt Duet with Dad: A Touching Moment in New York City

During a concert in New York City, Pink shared a tender and memorable moment with her father, Jim Moore, as they performed “I Have Seen the Rain” together. Jim, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, provided backup vocals while Pink took the lead, captivating the audience with her soulful rendition of the folk ballad. The crowd warmly clapped along, adding to the intimacy of the performance in the venue.

The emotional depth of the performance was evident as father and daughter exchanged looks, visibly savoring their time together on stage. Pink, typically known for her high-energy pop hits, showcased her versatile vocal talent, proving her ability to master any musical genre with elegance and flair.

Before starting the song, Pink paid homage to her father, attributing her musical passion to him and labeling him as her “first rock star.” She revealed that the song was penned by her dad about 40 years ago during his time in Vietnam, marking a poignant backdrop to their duet. This performance was particularly special as it was the first time Jim had ever taken such a large stage, an event Pink celebrated by introducing him as her “favorite person in the whole world.”

This touching duet is also featured as a hidden track on Pink’s fourth studio album, “I’m Not Dead Yet,” performed as an acoustic duet just as it was on stage. Watch the video below to experience the heartfelt performance that showcases the deep bond between Pink and her father.