Ashley Judd and Wynonna traveled as sisters to Las Vegas to witness their favorite band play.

The sister duo went to Las Vegas at the end of February to see the legendary rock group U2 play at The Sphere, an immersive concert space that debuted late last year.

In a video that Wynonna posted from the event, she and Ashley can be seen dancing and singing in the cutting-edge arena’s lighting and special effects. They are clearly happy as they create priceless memories with one other.

Post captioned by Wynonna:

Spending some time with our favorite band, @u2, in Vegas 🥰 What a fantastic experience!


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Ashley Judd discussed the significance of U2 in her life. Wynonna

Ashley Judd recounts meeting U2 in 1986 at the age of 19, when she “cold called” the band’s management to request tickets to their Paris gig. Ashley Judd shares this experience in her own article. She managed to obtain a backstage pass, where she got to know band members and their spouses, starting a bond that would last for decades.

She disclosed that she was encouraged to become involved in HIV/AIDS activism by U2 frontman Bono and Bobby Shriver, a subject she still fervently believes in.

Ashley thought back on her journey with Wynonna:

“Sister and I danced and sobbed this past weekend. We reflected and created memories. My cup is full and I am so thankful. crew supper. Some alone time with those who have been in the band since their punk adolescent days. 18,000 people enjoying the exuberant music together. Memorable!


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Ashley and Wynonna are only four years different in age, but their closeness seemed to have grown even stronger after their mother Naomi passed away tragically in April 2022.

We are glad to see the Judd sisters having a good time!