Public music’s force and joyful unpredictability shine through in Brendan Kavanagh’s YouTube videos! He plays “Silent Night” on the piano in a train station with the Christmas theme.

Another young man in a suit is casually lounging on the piano. The boy starts singing when Dr. K gets to the carol’s singing segment. Listening to his operatic voice is fun. Even more amazing is that it appears effortless, like singing this way is like talking.

A 17-year-old boy named Camden has a remarkable voice that rivals experienced tenors. His friend identified him as Camden, who used to sing in assemblies and amazed people with his angelic voice. Camden’s friends and family are encouraged to support him in making more videos.

Meanwhile, Terry Miles and Brendan Kavanagh, known as Dr K, have become YouTube stars for their fantastic piano performances. In a Christmas mall performance, Terry plays the classic carol, Silent Night, with a festive outfit and extra flourishes.