Meet Tina S: The Guitar Prodigy

A YouTube Phenomenon

Tina S, a prodigious guitarist, has made a name for herself on YouTube since she launched her channel in 2007. Her extraordinary guitar solos have captivated viewers worldwide, amassing over 162 million views across her videos.

The Journey of a French Guitar Virtuoso

Born Tina Setkic on April 7, 1999, in Paris, France, Tina has garnered a substantial following for her exceptional guitar skills. Her repertoire includes highly technical solos from iconic guitarists and bands like Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, as well as pieces from classical composers like Beethoven.

Mastering the Art of Shredding

Tina is renowned for her expertise in “Shredding,” a guitar style that emphasizes virtuosity through rapid passages and sophisticated techniques. This style showcases her ability to execute complex musical phrases with precision and speed.

Rising to Fame

By the age of 13, Tina shifted her focus to electric rock performances and started gaining attention on social media. Her talents caught the eyes of renowned guitarists and even guitar manufacturers. Notably, she formed a partnership with Vigier Guitars and has received recognition from Wolfgang Van Halen, highlighting her significant impact in the music world.

Discover the incredible talent of Tina S and her journey to becoming a guitar virtuoso. Watch the video below to witness her mesmerizing performances that have made her a sensation on YouTube.