Celebrating The Shadows: Rock & Roll Icons

Beyond Cliff Richard’s Shadow

The Shadows, an iconic English rock & roll band, are often recognized for their connection with Cliff Richard. Initially, Richard’s early career from 1958 to 1968 saw him backed by The Shadows, who were first known as The Drifters.

A Name Change and a Hit Song

Due to a name clash with the American soul group famous for hits like “Under the Boardwalk,” The Drifters became The Shadows. A BBC 4 documentary, “The Shadows At Sixty” (2020), revisits their journey, focusing on “Apache,” their groundbreaking hit. Jerry Lordan’s composition, initially recorded by Bert Weedon, found its iconic sound with The Shadows.

The Band’s Legacy and Influence

The documentary showcases The Shadows exploring their old rehearsal space, demonstrating their timeless chemistry and musicianship, especially through Hank Marvin’s demonstration of “Apache’s” legendary riff. Marvin, The Shadows’ lead guitarist, has inspired countless guitar legends across genres.

Discover the enduring legacy and the iconic sounds of The Shadows, whose music continues to inspire generations of musicians. Watch their journey unfold in the video below, capturing the essence of rock & roll history.