The Mizzone Brothers: Young Bluegrass Sensations

Rising Stars in the World of Music

The Mizzone Brothers, a youthful and talented trio, are making waves in the music industry, particularly in the bluegrass genre. Their musical prowess is remarkable, especially given their young ages and the unique genre they’ve chosen to excel in, which typically evokes images of older, bearded men.

A Memorable Performance on the David Letterman Show

Achieving an impressive milestone, the Mizzone Brothers showcased their skills on the David Letterman Show with a rendition of “Flint Hill Special.” At the time of this performance, the brothers were just fourteen, thirteen, and nine years old. Jonny, the youngest, born on March 14th, 2002, plays the banjo. Robbie, born on November 7th, 1998, handles the fiddle and vocals, while the eldest, Tommy, born on July 14th, 1997, plays the guitar and provides backing vocals.

A Viral Beginning and Masterful Talent

Their journey to fame started with a YouTube channel, which they launched when Jonny was merely eight years old. Their video performing “Flint Hill Special” went viral, eventually leading them to the renowned talk show. Despite their small stature and youthful appearance, the brothers exhibit professionalism and expertise in their performance. Their skillful playing and precise vocals suggest they began their musical training at a very young age.

Experience the exceptional talent of the Mizzone Brothers in their bluegrass performance. Watch the video below to see these young musicians demonstrate their impressive skills and professionalism.