The Killers have invited fans to play drums on For Reasons Unknown for years. Drummers that want to play usually hold up posters. Poster holders know which The Killers song an audience member drummer will play, so they know what to practice to avoid mishaps.

The drummers’ playing varies, but they usually hold their own. The footage shows 13-year-old James Briscoe. James’ YouTube bio adds, “Got to play with The Killers all because of a sign made by my sister”. On Saturday, December 10, 2022, The Killers performed at Mt Duneed Estate in Geelong. James murdered it:

Two “great signs” determined the drummer. Briscoe’s sister’s sign won, probably due to his youth. The Geelong Times claims Briscoe was called up midway through The Killers concert. They also say Biscoe brought his drumsticks. Once they trust the audience drummer, The Killers relax and enjoy the song. Singer Brandon Flowers brightens as James plays drums well.

Flowers addresses Biscoe midway. James, how are you doing? Are you feeling okay? Biscoe nods and raises a drumstick. Flowers adds, “You got 20 000 people rooting for you”. Flowers excitedly calls Biscoe, “King James everybody!” at the end. Biscoe is ecstatic. Haroldpinteresque4460 YouTube comments: “One of The Killers’ greatest guest drummer performances.” Young James practicing: