A-ha’s Acoustic Twist on “Take On Me”

Reimagining a Classic Hit
The iconic Norwegian pop band a-ha presents a stunning version of their hit song “Take On Me,” transforming it into a serene acoustic experience. This new rendition offers a fresh perspective on the song, allowing listeners to appreciate the lyrics and melody in a more intimate, stripped-back setting.

A Viral Acoustic Phenomenon
This soothing, acoustic version has resonated with audiences worldwide, amassing an impressive 89 million views on YouTube. It stands as a testament to the song’s enduring appeal and the band’s versatility in reinterpreting their own work.

The Evolution of “Take On Me”
Originally released in October 1984, “Take On Me” underwent several versions and releases before achieving success. Produced by Tony Mansfield and remixed by John Ratcliff, the song’s 1985 version, crafted by Alan Tarney for a-ha’s debut album, finally soared in popularity. It reached number two on the UK Singles Chart in October 1985, marking its place as a quintessential hit of the era.

Delve into the acoustic rendition of “Take On Me” by a-ha below, and enjoy a relaxed and refreshing take on this classic pop anthem.