When it comes to Britain’s Got Talent this year, Sydnie Christmas is just giving and giving. Many today consider her rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” to be the best cover of the song ever.

After nailing the high notes and reworking the lyrics to give this timeless ballad a new lease on life, her powerful voice moved the judges and crowd to tears. She has undeniably become a fan favourite; her “My Way” performance reached half a million views in the first hours after being published on the internet, and it went viral instantaneously! View the video down below.

Sydnie Christmas, a regular girl from Kent with the kind of bubbly, outspoken personality you’d see on the Catherine Tate Show, competed on Britain’s Got Talent 2024. Her conversation with celebrity judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli before her performance showed that she had a vibrant personality full of humor and a desire to pursue a future as a professional singer in London’s West End.

Surprising the judges, 28-year-old Sydnie confessed she hadn’t sang her audition song since she was four years old during her appearance on BGT’s 17th season. The selection of this song made Simon’s face flush red. The judges and audience were on the brink of their seats when Amanda disclosed that he had a lifelong aversion to the song “Tomorrow” from the 1980s musical Sandy. But hidden beneath Sydnie’s vivacious exterior was a unique, deep voice that was filled with astonishment and dramatic climaxes.

Before blossoming with mesmerizing authority and command, her song started off shy but charming, bringing her relatives in the audience to tears almost immediately. She drew inspiration from her jazzy piano track to create a unique performance that updated the original from the 1980s while capturing the genuine, emotional beauty of musical theater. Simon Cowell turned to his fellow judges with a shocked smile on his face; Alesha appeared enthralled; and Amanda was head over heels for her. Her voice was flawless.

As Sydie’s last note went out, the enormous crowd, including Alesha, Amanda, and Bruno, immediately rose to their feet in applause. Simon, who was known to dislike the song, astonished even himself by getting up to clap. He went so far as to say to the distraught singer, “I used to despise that song, and now I absolutely love it,” following her performance. That was a wonderful move on your part.