On The Voice Germany, 13-year-old Solomia took a judge to tears with her angelic rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye”. The young vocalist appears like a typical teen girl but sings with a rich, mature voice.

Solomia played an Andrea Bocelli classic with passion and heart, which few can manage. Judge Lena Meyer-Landrut and many others were moved by her voice and tried to hold back tears. Watch the performance below.

Ukraine-born Solomia Lukyanets competed on Voice Kids Germany. She took a risk by singing “Time to Say Goodbye,” which is tough to sing, especially compared to Andrea Bocelli.

Meyer-Landrut and Strate turned before Solomia finished her first line. Judge Mark Forster turned after hearing the famed chorus. The vocalist kept her cool until the audience cheered, when she broke out with a horrified “my god!” Solomia sings Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” later in the series.