Jelly Roll’s Emotional Tribute to Toby Keith at RodeoHouston

Jelly Roll, a rising country artist, recently marked a significant milestone in his career with a performance at RodeoHouston in front of 74,000 fans. Amid the excitement, he took a moment to honor the country music legends who have influenced the genre.

During his set, Jelly Roll dedicated a special tribute to Toby Keith, a country music icon who had graced the same stage nine times, with his last performance in 2013. Jelly Roll expressed his admiration for Keith, saying, “I could only think of one person when I pulled up to NRG tonight. And it made me think of one of the greatest cowboys that ever lived, and I said, ‘We’re gonna honor him.'” He then performed a heartfelt rendition of Keith’s hit “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” paying homage to the singer who had passed away just a month earlier due to stomach cancer.

The performance at RodeoHouston was a landmark moment for Jelly Roll, as it was the largest show of his career. Overwhelmed with emotion, he shared his gratitude with the audience, acknowledging the significance of the occasion.

Watch Jelly Roll’s moving performance of “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” in tribute to Toby Keith below.