Sharyn Ward Captivates on Ireland’s Got Talent with Heartfelt Traditional Song

Sharyn Ward, an Irish Traveller, captured hearts across Ireland with her enchanting performance on Ireland’s Got Talent. Starting her audition with a serene rendition of Ben E. King’s classic, “Stand by Me,” accompanied by a gentle piano, Ward’s distinct voice and Irish Traveller accent resonated strongly.

The judges, particularly Louis Walsh, intrigued by her unique voice, questioned why she hadn’t chosen an Irish song. Responding to Walsh, Ward mentioned she could have performed “When You Were Sweet Sixteen,” famously covered by Irish Traveller Finbar Furey. Seizing the moment, Ward then delivered the song a cappella. Her passionate performance of this traditional Irish tune instantly won over everyone in the room.

This audition turned out to be one of the most memorable on Ireland’s Got Talent, racking up 6.9 million views. Judge Jason Byrne was particularly moved, noting that while “Stand by Me” hinted at her trying to mask her true artistic identity, “When You Were Sweet Sixteen” fully showcased her authentic voice and cultural heritage.

Watch the video below to experience Sharyn Ward’s soul-stirring performance that celebrates her Irish Traveller roots and showcases her vocal prowess.