A Masterful Tribute: GG Vibes Covers Whitney Houston

GG Vibes’s rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You” is an exemplar for anyone aspiring to cover a song by the legendary singer. Whitney Houston, known as “The Voice,” is celebrated not just for her vocal range, which spanned over three octaves from B flat2 to about C6, but for her masterful use of it, especially in the higher chest voice that made her performances seem effortless.

Houston’s vocal coach, Gary Catona, has highlighted that while Houston’s lower range was impressive, it was in the middle and upper ranges where she truly shined. This makes GG Vibes’ Gigi De Lana’s performance all the more exceptional, as she captures the natural ease required to navigate Houston’s demanding songs.

The enjoyment of watching De Lana and her band perform this classic is echoed in online comments. Paul Clarke praises her on YouTube, noting, “So naturally smooth in her approach to the long held high notes.” Another commenter, DLo MD, applauds, “This is awesome! She has a pure & unique tone and doesn’t rely on runs & riffs to showcase her voice. Kudos!” While De Lana receives well-deserved acclaim, many feel that her band’s contribution also merits recognition.

Watch the video below to experience GG Vibes’ captivating cover of Whitney Houston’s song and see why fans are so impressed.