Sharing your passion with your child is bliss. Indiana “Indy” Feek joined her parents, Rory and Joey Feek, onstage as a newborn. Rory performed and Indy stayed onstage with her father after Joey’s tragic cervical cancer fight, which she lost when Indy was two.

Recently, Indy asked to perform with her father, and Rory agreed.

“I immediately thought of a song I’ve loved for years. In fact, for decades,” the country singer blogged.

Rory taught Indy the lyrics of a song he taught his oldest daughter, Heidi, when she was little. Shel Silverstein’s “Daddy What If” was picked. He typed the lyrics and drew lines for Indy to sing. Indy calls him “Papa,” so Rory changed “Daddy” to that. Indiana practiced hard and succeeded.

“She was so proud of herself and so happy that she could sing a real song with her Papa,” Rory said.

Watch their performance: