Ronan Keating and Carola’s Unforgettable Duet at Allsang på Grensen

A Musical Collaboration to Remember

In 2018, the Norwegian musical event Allsang på Grensen witnessed a special moment as Irish pop sensation Ronan Keating joined forces with Swedish legend Carola for a duet that has since captured over 21 million views on YouTube. The pair delivered a stunning rendition of “No Matter What,” a global hit for Keating’s band Boyzone in 1998.

A Blend of Talent and Success

Ronan Keating, known for his solo career success with over 20 million records sold and an additional 25 million with Boyzone, shared the stage with Carola, a dominant figure in Swedish music since the 1980s. The performance showcased the blend of Keating’s smooth vocals and Carola’s powerful voice, leaving the audience in awe.

A Star-Studded Performance

The duo’s performance was a highlight of the night, with Carola’s soaring vocals complementing Keating’s heartfelt delivery. The audience, including a mother and daughter duo, swayed joyously to the rhythm of the song, captivated by the musical chemistry on stage.

Carola: A Scandinavian Icon

Carola’s impact on Scandinavian music is undeniable. Her debut album “Främling” remains the best-selling album in Sweden, surpassing even ABBA’s records. Her Eurovision Song Contest victory in 1991 with “Fångad av en stormvind” solidified her status as a music icon, with her winning performance garnering over 350,000 views on YouTube.

Experience the magic of Ronan Keating and Carola’s duet at Allsang på Grensen as they perform “No Matter What.” Watch the video below to relive this unforgettable musical moment.