A Surprise Encounter with Rod Stewart on a London Street

Imagine strolling down a bustling city street, enjoying the melodies of street musicians, and suddenly witnessing a legendary artist like Rod Stewart joining in. This remarkable scenario unfolded on a chilly London street, captured by a smartphone for the world to see.

A Busker’s Unforgettable Moment

The video features seasoned busker Henry Facey, performing what was to be his last song of the day before seeking warmth indoors. His choice? The 1969 hit “Handbags and Gladrags,” famously covered by the Welsh band Stereophonics in 2001.

An Unexpected Duet

As Henry began his rendition, Rod Stewart, present in the audience, requested to join in. Henry, visibly stunned, gladly handed over the microphone. After all, who would pass up the chance to perform alongside Rod Stewart?

A Magical Performance in Piccadilly Circus

Accompanied by Henry’s guitar, Rod Stewart’s distinctive, husky voice filled the air. Passersby were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime performance, witnessing the iconic singer deliver a free concert in Piccadilly Circus—a place where fans usually pay a premium to see him perform.

Witness this incredible, spontaneous performance by watching the video below.