Roberta Battaglia’s Breathtaking Audition on America’s Got Talent

Got Talent performances are a reliable source of entertainment, but Roberta Battaglia’s audition on America’s Got Talent truly stands out as one of the best. The 10-year-old from Toronto, Canada, displayed her youthful enthusiasm as she expressed her admiration for judge Sophia Vergara. Despite her nerves causing her to cry before and after her performance, Roberta delivered a stunning rendition of “Shallow” by Lady Gaga from the movie A Star is Born—a challenging song that she absolutely nailed.

Judge Howie Mandell was amazed, saying, “This moment is unbelievable.” The highlight of the audition came when Sophia Vergara awarded Roberta with her Golden Buzzer, guaranteeing her a spot in the next round. Roberta’s talent and emotional performance earned her well-deserved recognition.

Watch the video below to witness Roberta Battaglia’s incredible performance on America’s Got Talent!