The real-life Von Trapp Family’s great-grandchildren performed this impromptu at an office in Columbus, Ohio.

This spontaneous performance by the relatives of a famous musical family was stated to be “out of the goodness of their hearts”. The owner of “FIGBAR FILMS” detailed what transpired that day in their YouTube video. The video below shows their stunning ‘Edelweiss’ performance.

FIGBAR FILMS stated that the “kids” that performed for our personnel at my Columbus Ohio office did so out of kindness and sincerity.This performance was spontaneous. During my time at a video production firm, someone photographed this. They were kind and humble. I’m glad folks can see and be moved. The von Trapp great-grandkids contacted me and gave a link in the movie description about their work. They’re fine with this film being posted and appreciate all the positive feedback.”

The Von Trapp Family, a group of Austrian singers, were famous during World War I and emigrated to the USA for refuge. They became famous in Austria and inspired the film “The Sound of Music.” Maria Franziska, the last surviving member, died in 2014. In a video, Maria teaches Julie Andrews how to play Austrian yodel, showcasing her musical talent and musical comedy.