Lainey Wilson’s Stellar Performance at RodeoHouston with a Special Appearance by Randy Travis

Country music sensation Lainey Wilson made a memorable debut at RodeoHouston, captivating a sold-out crowd of 75,000 fans. The event, held at NRG Stadium, is a 20-day competition featuring various rodeo events. Performing on a star-shaped stage, Lainey thrilled the audience with hits like “Heart Like A Truck,” “Watermelon Moonshine,” and “Smell Like Smoke.”

Her performance drew the largest attendance of any performer at the event so far, with a total of 74,940 people. A highlight of the night was when she sang an a cappella rendition of Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine,” with the audience joining in for a powerful sing-along.

The concert took an exciting turn when Lainey Wilson invited country legend Randy Travis to join her on stage. Despite being unable to sing due to a stroke in 2013, Randy’s presence was warmly received, with Lainey expressing her gratitude and positioning his wheelchair center stage. Randy later expressed his appreciation for the experience on social media.

Watch the video below to see the touching moment between Randy Travis and Lainey Wilson at RodeoHouston.

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