It was very clear during Pink’s Los Angeles performance of her smash single “Try” that she knows how to deliver the goods live. In her performance of the ballad, the pop star let her voice soar on the massive chorus, adding an emotional weight that smacks you square in the chest. Pink expertly conveys the meaning of the lyrics—which deal with taking chances in love and in life—through the song’s quiet-loud dynamics.

“I think it’s gonna be my next single.” Pink presented “Try,” a brand new song for her at the time, during the performance. The band put down a mesmerizing groove that was just right, while Pink and her backing vocalists showcased tremendous vocals. Fans of Pink were so enthusiastic that they watched the video 288 million times, far outpacing any other live performance on her YouTube page.

A number of admirers commented, “Not many artists can perform live on the same quality as they do in the studio,” among other compliments for the showing. “But Pink can totally do it because she is absolutely amazing!” Plus, her backing singers are just as talented as she is. Great backups, by the way; I really like the way they convey emotion.

Although it’s not often that the backup singers take center stage, the two females who sang backing vocals here clearly left a lasting effect on listeners; numerous top comments gushed about how amazing their voices were. In the chorus, the two soul sisters really came through, and when Pink’s section was absent for a while, they got their chance to shine as the arrangement’s major attraction. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is another well-liked live rendition from the same program; it’s embedded below.

The Truth About Love—Live From Los Angeles is Pink’s showcase album, and both songs are from it. At the time, her sixth studio album, The Truth About Love, was still in the works, but it was featured prominently in this showcase. The album’s first single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” and its second single, “Try,” were released at different times. In the United States, both singles sold over two million copies and were in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.