The Rise of Michelle Davina: A Story of Humility and Talent

Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn, known professionally as Michelle Davina, credits her musical career to the humility and honesty of the renowned artist P!nk. Despite P!nk’s diva-like persona, she showed genuine appreciation when Glamour presented her with Davina’s cover of “What About Us,” a moment that propelled Davina into the spotlight.

Before this pivotal moment, Davina was an aspiring Dutch singer with a great voice but limited international recognition. She participated in the Dutch version of Idols in 2016 and started posting covers on YouTube in February 2017. Her cover of P!nk’s “What About Us,” posted in August 2017, stood out and received praise for its emotional depth and unique interpretation.

The turning point came when Glamour uploaded a clip of P!nk reacting positively to Davina’s cover. This endorsement from a global star like P!nk highlighted the potential for undiscovered talent to shine through the power of social media and serendipity.

Watch the video below to see P!nk’s reaction and experience the captivating cover by Michelle Davina that caught the attention of millions.