Rodrigues plays “Polonaise Fantaisie Op.61” by Fryderyck Chopin in a lovely costume. She starts and discovers that one pedal isn’t working properly.

The professional Rodrigues attempts to play, but the pedal is too much for her sound.

Piano Breaks On Stage

As a musician, being on stage may be humiliating. The crowd can inspire anxiety and anxieties, causing performers to act differently. When Brazilian pianist Eliane Rodrigues performed a recital at De Deolen in Rotterdam, her equipment malfunctioned at the start and during the performance.

Rodrigues stops and tells the audience she needs help with her pedals. After a short break, she returns and enthusiastically improvises with the broken pedal to thrill the crowd.

The venue staff comes out and fixes the piano while Rodrigues follows them, playing various pieces to entertain the crowd, much to their delight.

We expect professional musicians like Rodrigues to handle high-pressure situations with grace and etiquette, and this is a wonderful example. Eline plays a piece without technical issues in the video below.