14-Year-Old Nong Fiat Captivates Phuket with Sia’s “Unstoppable”

Nong Fiat, a 14-year-old Thai singer, has turned heads in Phuket with her powerful rendition of Sia’s “Unstoppable.” Despite her small stature, Nong Fiat’s impressive voice drew a large crowd to the streets, as evidenced by the video below, which has garnered 7.5 million views.

Prapapon ‘Nong Fiat’ Sreemoung, also known as Queen On Street, has been busking since she was seven years old. She is a familiar sight in Phuket, where she has built a reputation for her talent. Nong Fiat is currently funding her education through her earnings from busking.

She shares her performances on her YouTube channel, Freedom Life Music, which boasts 312,000 subscribers and nearly 60 million views worldwide. Nong Fiat’s TikTok channel, Queen On Street, also enjoys a large following, with several videos reaching millions of views.

Watch the video below to witness Nong Fiat’s captivating performance of “Unstoppable” in Phuket.