From Public Defender to YouTube Sensation: The Musical Journey of Mike Massé

Mike Massé’s career transition from a public defender to a full-time musician is a testament to following one’s passion. He launched his musical journey by creating a YouTube channel, showcasing his exceptional covers and arrangements of famous songs, ranging from David Bowie’s “Heroes” to Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.” His remarkable talent quickly garnered attention, and today, his channel boasts over 300,000 subscribers.

Massé’s unique blend of creativity, simplicity, and his distinct sound has earned him international acclaim as an artist and arranger. His collaborations, including performances with members of the band Boston, highlight his versatility and prowess in tackling some of the most challenging rock vocals.

Beyond the rock genre, Massé’s covers have won the hearts of the original artists themselves, with bands like Asia, Sarah McLachlan, and Toto expressing their admiration. Toto even hailed his rendition of “Africa” as their favorite cover of the song.

Watch the video below to experience the captivating music of Mike Massé.