Michael Bublé’s Impromptu Acapella in NYC Subway

A Captivating Subway Serenade by Michael Bublé

Canadian sensation Michael Bublé brought a slice of unexpected joy to commuters in a New York City subway station with an impromptu acapella performance. Teaming up with the vocal group Naturally 7, the pop crooner delivered a rendition of “Who’s Lovin’ You” from his album “To Be Loved,” creating a memorable moment for everyone present.

A Performance That Stopped Commuters in Their Tracks

Bublé’s powerful vocals, combined with Naturally 7’s rich gospel-like harmonies, resulted in a performance that not only captivated onlookers but also attracted online attention, amassing 5.6 million views. The bustling subway station transformed into an impromptu concert hall, leaving commuters with smiles and an unforgettable start to their day.

Bublé Reflects on the Authenticity of Subway Music

The event was a thrilling experience for Bublé, who later expressed his elation over the performance. He remarked on the tradition and authenticity of making music in the subway, a venue that has seen countless talented musicians over the years. Bublé felt honored to join the ranks of artists who have brought their artistry to the vibrant underground scene of New York.

Experience the magic of Michael Bublé and Naturally 7’s acapella performance in the NYC subway, a testament to the spontaneous and genuine moments of music-making. Watch the video below to see the captivating performance that brought the subway to a standstill.