Mia Black: Ireland’s Rising Musical Star

Early Beginnings and Street Performances

Mia Black, hailing from Ireland, has been a YouTube sensation since her birth in 2006. Growing up in a musical family, Mia started her journey in music at the tender age of seven. She showcased her talents through various concerts, theatrical performances, and even weddings. Mia’s street performances, particularly busking in Galway, played a crucial role in building her confidence for stage performances.

Soaring Popularity on Social Media

Mia’s musical flair has captivated audiences beyond Ireland. Her YouTube channel boasts nearly 95,000 subscribers, and her cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” is a standout, amassing 3.3 million views. Overall, her videos have attracted over 8.3 million views. Additionally, her collaborations with the Dublin City Today channel have garnered over 10 million views.

International Recognition and Future Aspirations

Mia’s talent caught the attention of Boyce Avenue, America’s most-followed band, leading to an invitation to record cover videos in Florida. This collaboration signals Mia’s potential rise in popularity in the U.S. Alongside covering popular songs, Mia is honing her skills in playing the ukulele and guitar. She is also focused on creating original music, aspiring to release her own album.

As a young artist, Mia is currently not dating, focusing instead on her burgeoning music career. If not a musician, she sees herself in the acting world, combining her love for music with meaningful storytelling.

Experience the charm and talent of Mia Black by watching her performance in the video below.