Malakai Boyoh: A Rising Star on Britain’s Got Talent

A Lasting Impression on the Stage

Malakai Boyoh, though he didn’t emerge as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, made a memorable exit with his final performance on the show. The young choir singer’s execution of challenging notes stood out as a show highlight.

Paying Homage to a Tenor Legend

For his concluding act, Malakai selected “Caruso,” a song that pays homage to the renowned Italian tenor Enrico Caruso. Originally composed by Lucio Dalla in 1986, Malakai’s rendition was exceptionally moving, displaying his ability to hit a range of powerful notes.

The Pursuit of the Golden Buzzer

Every Britain’s Got Talent contestant dreams of receiving the Golden Buzzer, and for 13-year-old Malakai, this aspiration was especially meaningful. It represented a chance to overcome a past incident where he faced booing at the Royal Opera House.

Going Viral with “Pie Jesu”

Malakai’s performance of “Pie Jesu” went viral, attracting over 5.3 million views in just nine days. His choice of this song was significant, as it had been instrumental in catapulting Charlotte Church to fame.

Experience Malakai Boyoh’s exceptional talent and his memorable journey on Britain’s Got Talent. Watch the video below to be moved by his powerful performances that have mesmerized both audiences and judges.