Lucy and Martha Thomas: A Captivating Cover of “You Raise Me Up”

British Sisters Take YouTube by Storm

Lucy and Martha Thomas, two talented sisters from Britain, have created a sensation with their cover of “You Raise Me Up,” a song famously performed by artists like Josh Groban, Westlife, and its writers Secret Garden. Their rendition has garnered immense popularity on YouTube, showcasing their remarkable vocal talents.

Lucy Thomas: A Rising Star

Born on February 21, 2004, in Wigan, Lancashire, Lucy Thomas embarked on her musical journey by participating in The Voice Kids in 2018. Her emotive performance of “Moon River” impressed judges Pixie Lott and Danny Jones, leading to her selection for Danny’s team. While she didn’t reach the final, her potential was undeniable.

A Blossoming Music Career

Post-The Voice Kids, Lucy’s talent attracted the attention of Cavendish Records, leading to a recording contract. She released her debut album “Premiere” just before her fifteenth birthday, followed by “Encore” and “Timeless” before turning eighteen. Lucy has also established a strong social media presence, with her YouTube channel boasting 480,000 subscribers and videos amassing over 20 million views, alongside a substantial Facebook following.

Viral Success with Martha

Lucy’s collaboration with her younger sister Martha, particularly their rendition of “You Raise Me Up,” has resonated worldwide. The video has received over 14 million views and 246,000 likes, a testament to their exquisite and well-controlled vocal skills.

Experience the captivating vocal harmony of Lucy and Martha Thomas in their rendition of “You Raise Me Up” by watching the video below.

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