Over the years, iconic superstars like The Beatles, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley have had a lasting impact on music, ensuring their songs remain popular today.

People often imitate and cover legendary artists’ works, as learning from the best is a smart tactic. However, performing a song like a timeless superstar is challenging.

Now picture yourself attempting to play that song live in front of a packed arena.

Appears to be an entire string of “no, thank you”s, doesn’t it?

German teenager Benedikt Köstler performed Elvis Presley’s “Always On My Mind” on The Voice, aiming to prove his abilities to judges. Despite the challenging ballad, Köstler was well-prepared for his moment in the limelight.

Benedikt, a young musician, performed a tribute to the legendary King of Pop, impressing the judges with his ability to finish the song, ensuring that his legacy will continue to live on even if he is no longer present.

Watch Benedikt’s outstanding performance in the video below: