Laura Lace: A Guitar Virtuoso from Riga

The Rise of a YouTube Sensation

Laura Lace, hailing from Riga, Latvia, has captivated the online world with her exceptional guitar skills. Launching her YouTube channel in 2008, she has since amassed a following of 205,000 subscribers, along with garnering significant attention on TikTok with 165,000 views.

An Enigmatic Musical Talent

Despite her online fame, Laura remains something of an enigma, with her social media presence primarily dedicated to her music and Latvian culture. While her personal life remains under wraps, her musical prowess continues to enchant audiences worldwide, leaving many curious to learn more about the woman behind the guitar.

Making Waves with Canon Rock

In 2016, Laura captured the internet’s attention with her rendition of Jerry C’s “Canon Rock,” a rock-infused version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Jerry C, a Taiwanese guitarist and composer known for his rock adaptations of classical pieces, has a substantial following on YouTube, with 1.52 million subscribers. Laura’s cover not only showcases her technical skill but also appeals to those seeking a modern twist on traditional wedding marches.

Discover the remarkable talent of Laura Lace and her electrifying cover of “Canon Rock.” Watch the video below to experience her skillful guitar playing that has taken the internet by storm.