Homeless Man Wows Crowds with Soulful Rendition of John Legend’s “All Of Me”

A homeless man, known as Know Cash, captivated onlookers with his golden voice as he performed a stunning cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me” on a street corner. With a sign that read “Will sang 4 food,” Know Cash engaged with passersby, including a young woman who was initially drawn in by his friendly conversation.

As Know Cash began to sing, his powerful and soulful delivery quickly transformed the atmosphere, leaving the young woman and the growing crowd entranced. His heartfelt rendition of the song’s romantic lyrics resonated with the audience, showcasing his undeniable talent.

The performance reached its peak as Know Cash belted out the chorus, attracting an even larger audience. The young woman, clearly impressed, happily gave him some money, feeling that his performance was well worth the contribution. Know Cash’s ability to connect with his audience through his music was evident, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed his performance.

Watch the video below to see Know Cash’s remarkable rendition of “All Of Me” on the streets.