Kenny Petrie: The Rock Phenomenon on Britain’s Got Talent

A Remarkable Audition Unfolds
Kenny Petrie, at 64 years young, made an unforgettable impression on Britain’s Got Talent with his guitar prowess. Initially, his audition began on a subdued note as he carefully opened his guitar case on stage. However, this calm start soon gave way to a thrilling performance that earned him the title of a ‘rock god’ from judge David Walliams.

Masterful Guitar Skills on Display
Petrie stunned everyone with his exceptional ability to play the guitar. He electrified the audience with the iconic Aerosmith riff from “Walk This Way”. The Scottish company director showcased a variety of techniques, from a wild wah solo to an impressive display of lightspeed finger tapping reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen.

Captivating the Crowd and Judges
His performance was a rollercoaster of catchy licks that had the audience in a frenzy. Petrie’s performance was marked not just by his musical skill but also by his infectious enthusiasm and joy, which even had judge Simon Cowell grinning with sheer delight.

Experience the electrifying guitar skills of Kenny Petrie and his ability to captivate the audience on Britain’s Got Talent by watching the video below.