On American Idol, Kelly Clarkson performed a heartfelt rendition of “Piece by Piece” that deeply moved judge Keith Urban. Towards the end of the song, which was about her father who was never there, Clarkson began to cry. It was obvious that this touched Urban; he was visibly moved to tears when she sang.

Even though she fumbled a few words, Clarkson still managed to deliver an incredible and emotionally charged performance, and the audience was completely behind her. It was obvious that her performance moved everyone in the room, and she even shed a few tears after performing the song. See the showdown down below.

It is to be expected that Clarkson struggled to complete the song, considering lyrics such as “I will never leave her like you left me and she will never have to wonder her worth.” Ryan Seacrest praised her performance, saying, “the emotion that you exude, always, but especially in that important song, it’s just incredible.”

In response, Clarkson said, “I’m pregnant and it’s nostalgic.” She appeared pretty pregnant during the show. I still can’t believe we’re in our final season. Apologies, but I’m actually pretty pleased with myself for getting thus far. It was obvious that the audience thought the apology wasn’t needed, because they applauded her on. Listen to Clarkson’s rendition of the song on American Idol—a harsh piano ballad—in contrast to the dance pop arrangement used in the music video.