Kelly Clarkson’s Heartwarming Family Performance in Las Vegas

Las Vegas recently enjoyed an extraordinary evening when Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson was joined onstage by her children, River Rose and Remington, during her residency performance. Nine-year-old River and seven-year-old Remington stepped into the spotlight, selecting their own songs to perform with their mother.

A Family Affair on Stage

River, initially timid, harmonized with Clarkson in a poignant rendition of “Heartbeat Song,” a track dear to both. Meanwhile, Remington lit up the stage with his energetic dance moves during the performance of “Whole Lotta Woman.”

Clarkson’s Joyful Announcement

Clarkson took to Twitter to share her excitement about her children joining her on stage at the Bakkt Theater, Planet Hollywood. The family’s performance infused the venue with a vibrant energy, creating a moment of shared love and happiness.

A Memorable Night in Las Vegas

Reflecting on the experience, Clarkson tweeted about the unparalleled joy and pride she feels for her two children, who “will always have my whole heart.” The audience’s enthusiastic applause made it an unforgettable night for both the Las Vegas crowd and the Clarkson family. This special event highlighted the beautiful bond between the acclaimed artist and her children.

Watch the video below to relive this endearing moment from Kelly Clarkson’s Las Vegas show, where she shared the stage with her children, River Rose and Remington, in a performance that celebrated music, family, and love.