Martin called Huillo “a very special young man.” He uses music to comprehend people, feelings, and the world. We heard one of his songs this week and invited him to sing with us.” As Huillo ascended the stage at the 65,000-person Foro Sol stadium, the audience chanted his name.

Huillo took lead vocals and played piano, undaunted by the huge crowd, while the band played an acoustic backing. The lyrics of “Different is OK” encourage meaningful connections and celebrating differences. The complete viral video of Huillo’s first Coldplay performance is below.

Urban brought Berlin, Massachusetts native Rob up after seeing his girlfriend Lex’s sign “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday” and Rob’s sign begging to play. Rob was asked if he could play guitar and offered to play while Urban chatted with Lexi, who told him they met at school. She was honest when she called her spouse a “fantastic guitarist”.

Urban loves bringing fans onstage to spice up his shows. Urban later recruited little Hailey Benedict to play and sing on his tour. As shown below, Hailey sang folk-pop as the frontman watched like a proud dad.