We can all communicate through music. Babies and animals alike can experience the range of feelings evoked by music.

What follows is a video of a newborn named “Alder” listening to the song “I Know I Need To Be In Love” by Karen Carpenter. He tries to sing along with Annie while she sings a song, but he hasn’t uttered a word yet.

Within weeks of its upload, the touching film had millions of viewers on YouTube. With over 9.4 million views, the video is currently trending. There are some great clips that demonstrate the ability of music to motivate and influence the emotions of living things, and this video of Alder is just one of many.

Another video shows a mother performing opera for her son, George. George loves heavy metal, but when his mother starts singing opera, he gets very emotional. This video is absolutely mesmerizing; it demonstrates how music can evoke the most basic of human emotions.

Borja Catanesi is one of our favorite street performers because she can always get everyone, even the little ones, up and moving. This carefree little girl is dancing her heart out on the street to his infectious guitar solos. After hearing the street performer play “Despacito,” she remained for more than half an hour, utterly enthralled.