Josh Groban’s Harmony, his ninth studio album, was released in 2020. The singer-songwriter took a different approach with this album compared to his previous efforts, since it featured cover versions of songs by legendary artists rather than original compositions. This CD was Josh Groban’s chance to show off his ability to take songs from all over the musical spectrum and give them his own distinctive spin. He demonstrated his versatility as a musician by performing cover versions of songs by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Bonnie Raitt, among others.

On the deluxe edition of one of these albums, he covered “I’ll Stand By You” with vocal superstar Helene Fischer. Josh and Helene added their own sound to the song, which was originally a ballad sung by the rock band The Pretenders. The duo transformed the song into a triumphant anthem for perseverance through adversity by transforming it into a soft piano ballad that gradually built into a swell of full-bodied sound.

Fans of both artists have flocked to see the duet video, which has amassed over 5.5 million views. Commenters gushed over the two performers, praising them both individually and together. Not everyone was satisfied with their rendition of “I’ll Stand By You.” One viewer even went as far as saying, “I could do with a whole album of love duets with Josh and Helene.” Although there was no further duet with Helene on the CD, Josh did collaborate with other vocalists to perform a number of classic songs.

The Joni Mitchell song “Both Sides Now,” which Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles covered, was one of these popular covers. The duo transformed the delicate folk ballad into a powerful duet, replete with dreamy string accompaniment, once again showcasing their individual styles. Josh uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the song’s recording when the singers arrived at the studio to record their vocals, giving listeners a glimpse into the song’s production.