Hollywood icon Jennifer Garner’s biggest crush Donny Osmond surprised her on her 50th birthday. The former teen idol’s personalized video message was enough to shock Garner, but Osmond had something even better in store.

Osmond sneaked up behind Garner and sang Happy Birthday after watching the footage. Naturally, she recognized his voice, panicked, and hugged the pop singer. Osmond was beaming when he surprised her. Watch the video below.

After the hug, Garner got heated and had to stop to take off her sweater, which made Osmond laugh. The musician then gave the actress a cake with a photo of teen Garner and the words “13 going on 50!” I adore Donny. The cake design references the actress’s teen obsession with Osmond, a heartthrob at the time.

Osmond sang his hits with Garner. They sing “Make the World Go Away” together in the video. Osmond sang like a bird with his beautiful voice, and Garner could sing too, making them a great combo. The video below shows Donny and Marie singing the song on TV in his peak.