World Order’s Viral Music Video: “Have a Nice Day”

Uplifting Entertainment for Any Day
Feeling a bit down? The music video by World Order, a group formed by ex-mixed martial artist Genki Sudo, is a perfect pick-me-up. This video is a testament to the fact that creativity and engagement in music videos don’t necessarily require a huge budget.

Public Performances with a Twist
World Order, a five-member band, is famous for their public performances in Japan’s bustling streets. Their unique approach combines technically intricate routines with an element of surprise, often incorporating unwitting passersby into their performances.

Synchronized Dance Mastery
The group is particularly renowned for their synchronized robotic dance routines that not only capture the attention of those around them but also the broader online community. Their 2016 music video for “Have a Nice Day” showcases this signature style brilliantly, combining dance and humor in a public setting.

A YouTube Sensation
With over 687,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, World Order continues to entertain and amaze audiences worldwide. Their spirited and engaging videos are a source of joy and inspiration for many.

Dive into the entertaining world of World Order by watching their music video for “Have a Nice Day.” Experience their unique style and synchronized dance routines that have captivated viewers around the globe. Watch the video below for an uplifting and amusing experience.