James Blunt’s Surprise Blind Audition on The Voice Germany

James Blunt created a memorable moment on the German edition of The Voice with a cheeky blind audition, where he performed his hit “Goodbye My Lover” without the judges knowing it was him. The English folk-pop star took the judges by surprise with his iconic voice and skillful piano playing, leading to a quick succession of buzzer hits as they eagerly turned their chairs.

The judges were initially intrigued by the beautiful piano intro, wondering if it was being played live. Once Blunt started singing, his distinctive voice quickly won them over, with the first judge hitting his buzzer almost immediately, followed by the others. It’s unclear if the judges recognized Blunt’s voice or were simply impressed by the performance, but either way, his audition highlighted his unique talent and emotional delivery.

After finishing the song, Blunt received a standing ovation from the judges, and he gracefully thanked them in German, showcasing not only his musical talent but also his linguistic skills.

Watch the video below to see James Blunt’s surprise blind audition on The Voice Germany.