Jacob Collier’s Mesmerizing Choir Performance with Audience at O2 Academy

A Choir of Thousands in London
At the O2 Academy in London, English singer-songwriter Jacob Collier created a remarkable musical experience. The 29-year-old musician masterfully conducted thousands of audience members, transforming them into a unified choir. This spontaneous and harmonious performance resulted in an enchanting piece of music crafted right there on the spot.

An Enchanting Harmony at O2 Academy Brixton
The O2 Academy Brixton, with its near 5000 capacity, was filled with the harmonious voices of the audience, creating a magical atmosphere. Collier led the crowd in a three-part harmony throughout the four-minute performance, which can be witnessed in the accompanying video.

A Memorable Night on the Djesse World Tour
This captivating performance was a highlight of Collier’s homecoming show in June 2022, part of his Djesse world tour. The tour promoted his ambitious four-part album series, “Djesse,” with three of the albums already released. The audience’s reaction and the comments from fans watching the video online, such as “Absolutely magical. Instant tears,” reflect the special nature of that night’s performance.

Experience the magic of Jacob Collier’s performance, where he turned the audience into a harmonious choir at the O2 Academy Brixton. Watch the video below to witness this unforgettable musical moment.