Jack Goodacre: A Rising Rock Star on The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids witnessed the birth of a young rock star when contestant Jack Goodacre took the stage to perform Tom Petty’s iconic rock ballad “Free Fallin’.” With a powerful vocal range and impressive guitar skills, the 11-year-old captivated the audience and judges alike.

Jack’s passion for rock and roll, inherited from his father, shone brightly during his performance. He expressed the joy he feels when performing with his dad, showcasing the strong musical bond within his family. With his family’s support backstage, Jack confidently delivered an unforgettable performance.

The surprises didn’t stop there. After revealing his love for rock music and citing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses as a favorite, judge Danny Jones invited Jack to join him for an impromptu performance of the song. The duo’s rendition of the classic rock hit left the crowd in awe.

Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” has been a significant hit since its release in 1989, gaining even more popularity after Petty’s passing in 2017. Jack Goodacre’s rendition of this timeless track on The Voice Kids is a testament to the song’s enduring appeal and the young talent’s potential as a rock star.

Watch the video below to witness Jack Goodacre’s electrifying performance on The Voice Kids.