Videos of Taylor Swift’s generous gift to a little Lisbon concertgoer have gone viral, touching the hearts of many.

The 34-year-old singer stopped in Lisbon, Portugal last weekend as part of her record-breaking Eras tour. On Friday, she performed at the Estádio da Luz. Each of the ten acts that make up the three and a half hours long concert corresponds to a distinct period in Swift’s career and the albums that she has released.

Swift has been handing out trilby hats from her Red phase on the tour, as her followers, known as Swifties, are well aware. During her 2012 album-themed “Red” phase, she sported a black trilby, short shorts, sequin tops, and horizontal stripes. During her performance of “22,” the fourth single from the album, she dons this cap.

Swift visits an audience member at the very end of each performance on her Eras tour and gives them a 22 hat as a present. During Friday’s performance, Swift approached a little fan who was enthusiastically singing along. The fan is moved to tears of pleasure as she gives the girl an embrace and then relinquishes the coveted trilby.

Swift continues the heartfelt moment by giving the youngster a high five; the girl then blows a kiss to the singer. To continue the performance, Swift goes back to her dancers. On Saturday, X (previously Twitter), a fan account named The Swift Society released a video of this moment. More than half a million people watched the video after it became viral.