One of the most beautiful and emotive Olympic sports is figure skating. Although mastering a program’s technical steps is challenging, the dancers make it look easy as they glide across the ice. The best very skaters go beyond leaps, spins, and tricks.

Instead, they learn to actually feel the songs they perform. Meet skating icon Veronika Zhilina. Russian figure skater Veronika’s stunning interpretation of Alexandra Burke’s Hallelujah has gone viral.

It’s one of the most moving performances you’ll ever see, and she was only ten.

Veronika Vladislavovna Zhilina was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, on May 15, 2008. She started early but is a successful skater. At three years old, her mother Ludmilla taught her to skate.

She was a talented skater and never felt lonely despite her young age. She and her mother soon welcomed her younger sister Alena. Figure skating demands extensive training, but both girls were willing to devote since they love it.