Helene Fischer is a German performer, singer, dancer, and TV host with international fame. With almost 15 million recordings sold, she was named number seven on the list of the world’s top touring musicians in 2018.

Michael Bolton (on multiple duets, including “Make You Feel My Love”), Robbie Williams (in “The Christmas Present—”Santa Baby”), and Germany’s “The Voice Kids” sensation, Philias Martinek, are among the prominent names with whom the singer has collaborated since she first appeared on stage in 2005. Because his hormone levels were abnormally low due to his growth condition, Philias is noticeably underweight for his age. Sadly, he was bullied at school because of this issue, which only added to the magic of his great performance when he got to showcase his talent to the world.

Philias, who was thirteen years old when they appeared on Helene’s 2018 self-titled TV series, The Helene Fischer Show, sang a fantastic cover of “All of Me” by John Legend alongside the presenter. With just an onstage pianist providing accompaniment, the crowd was enthralled by the emotionally charged performance. A well-deserved standing ovation was given by everyone when the song came to a close, and Philias’ father even shed tears of delight.

“Ihr könnt stolz auf euch schon sein” (You can be proud of yourself), Helene told Philias before she left the stage. People who saw the video on YouTube and commented on it found it meaningful. “Wow!” one person wrote. A rare talent, that child possesses it in spades… as another person commented, “What incredible talent they both possess.” Everything about this was ideal. Beautiful beyond words.

“When I think back to what I did at his age… he’s a real all-rounder,” Fischer remarked of Martinek before he ever stepped foot onstage. Based on our brief encounter, I have no doubt that he will succeed in all of his endeavors; he is an incredible singer, filmmaker, chef, painter, and even entertains the thought of pursuing a career in acting. He is a charming and intelligent young man.

It was a great honor for me to sing with Helene Fischer,” Martinek remarked. I found it quite moving that my music seems to have an impact on so many individuals. Their eyes welled up with tears, for some. As I stood onstage, I could see it.

Philias, or Phili as he goes by his nickname, is an almost 17-year-old who gained recognition with the help of Mark Foster, a singer/songwriter and mentor on The Voice Kids. His YouTube channel boasts more than 390K subscribers, which is rather astounding. Each of Phili’s videos, which range from do-it-yourself projects to cover songs, has thousands—if not millions—of views.