Exploring the Harp Guitar with Muriel Anderson

Muriel Anderson showcases her unique harp guitar, crafted by master luthier Mike Doolin in Portland, Oregon. For those unfamiliar with this instrument, the video provides a wonderful opportunity to not only hear Muriel’s exquisite playing but also learn about the intricacies of playing and constructing a harp guitar.

The highlight of the video is Muriel’s captivating arrangement of Don McLean’s “Vincent.” Her rendition brings a fresh perspective to the well-known tune, showcasing her exceptional skill, musicality, and passion for her instrument. It’s a perfect moment to appreciate the beauty of music.

Who Is Muriel Anderson?

Muriel Anderson is a multi-talented musician with a rich musical background. From learning piano as a child to receiving a guitar at the age of eight from a family friend, her journey in music began early. She honed her guitar skills at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and continued to explore various musical genres throughout her high school and college years, including jazz and bluegrass.

Watch the full video below to experience the serene and beautiful performance by Muriel Anderson on her harp guitar.