On talent competitions like Britain’s Got Talent, you get decent performances, great performances, and unforgettable performances. In 2018, a 22-year-old Welsh hopeful named Gruffydd Wyn shocked and delighted his friends and the audience with an outstanding audition. He even took the stage to perform Luciano Pavarotti’s iconic rendition of “Nessun Dorma,” a notoriously challenging tune. Nevertheless, Gruffydd skillfully met the task and delivered.

The audience was blown away by Gruffydd, but Amanda Holden was so delighted that she bestowed the highly prized Golden Buzzer upon him! Because of this, the young Welshman advanced to the semifinals of the competition without a doubt. In the midst of their elation, his pals in the crowd broke down into tears as they witnessed their friend take a giant leap toward his goals. Hold on to your tissues because this entire tape will make you cry. You’re in for a spectacular audition! Check it out down below:

Before the performance, we find out a little more about young Gruffydd. He comes from an island in North Wales called Anglesey, which has been the subject of many battles in the country’s history. One of the most notable parts of Anglesey is Beaumaris Castle, which was built by the English King Edward I around 1295. Alongside living amongst history, he also lives with his loving nan, who supports Gruffydd in everything that he does.

Of all opera sections, “Nessun Dorma” is among the most famous. It is a solo performance piece from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot, performed in the last act. It is called an aria and does not have any orchestral accompaniment. When Pavarotti performed it at the 1990 FIFA World Cup, it catapulted into the mainstream and became an instant hit. At its height, it peaked at number two on the UK Singles chart, a testament to how successful it became. See Pavarotti play it live here:

Gruffydd made it all the way to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, where he competed until he was eliminated. In addition to his appearance and subsequent elimination, Gruffydd also performed ‘Cyn i’r llenni gau’ on S4C’s Cân i Gymru. He was granted permission to perform at the 2020 Pan Celtic Festival in Ireland in addition to winning the competition and receiving an outstanding £5,000 reward.