The Barcelona Guitar Trio’s Unique Rendition of “Billie Jean”

A Remarkable Musical Collaboration

If you’ve never witnessed four men simultaneously playing a single guitar, the Barcelona Guitar Trio’s rendition of “Billie Jean” is a must-see. Filmed during their Tribute to Paco Lucia show, their performance is nothing short of astonishing.

The Composition of the Barcelona Guitar Trio

Comprising three Spanish guitar virtuosos – Xavier Coll, Luis Robisco, and Manuel González – the Barcelona Guitar Trio is known for its exceptional skills. For their interpretation of “Billie Jean,” they were joined by percussionist Paquito Escudero, adding a rhythmic dimension that resulted in a mesmerizing and successful collaboration.

Rediscovering the Music of “Billie Jean”

Their unique take on Michael Jackson’s iconic hit, “Billie Jean,” a song still widely played and recognized, offers a fresh perspective. Their performance invites listeners to engage with the music in a new way, making them truly appreciate the composition’s intricacies.

An Optical and Musical Illusion

The performance is both a visual and auditory spectacle. With your eyes closed, it’s easy to believe that multiple guitars are being played, given the complexity of the sound. However, upon opening your eyes, the sight is startling yet captivating – like a musical octopus, the ensemble plays a single guitar with a seemingly impossible level of coordination and harmony.

Witness the Barcelona Guitar Trio’s innovative and enthralling performance of “Billie Jean.” Watch the video below to experience their extraordinary talent and the unique visual spectacle of four musicians playing a single guitar.